Can you claim a vat refund on solar panels for a newly built house?

If you are having a new house built, then it is always an exciting time. You will be confronted with all kinds of decisions concerning the construction of your home. Naturally, you can’t ignore the question of to what extent you want to make your home as sustainable as possible. After all, when it comes to newly built houses, this is the ideal time to implement sustainable measures. This way, you avoid having to make all kinds of new investments afterwards to make your home sustainable.

With a sustainable newly built home, you will be completely in step with the times. One of the sustainable measures you can take for your new home is solar panels.

What kind of solar panels should i choose for a newly built house?

If you are having a new house built and opt for solar panels to make your home instantly sustainable, you can choose from different types of  solar panels. When you purchase solar panels, including for newly built homes, you can claim a VAT refund. How much VAT you can claim back depends on the type of solar panels you install on or in the newly built house. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration makes a distinction in broad terms between integrated and non-integrated solar panels. Integrated solar panels are not installed very much at present, but are very much on the rise. These are solar panels that are integrated in, for example, roof tiles or another type of roofing material. Solar panels can also be embedded in glass nowadays. In other words, these solar panels have a dual function.

Non-integrated solar panels are the classic solar panels that are installed most often. These solar panels are installed on your roofing. You can choose between different types, such as monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. The choice is yours as to which solar panels you want to use for your newly built house. Integrated solar panels look very beautiful because they are concealed in the roofing. However, for your right to a VAT refund, integrated solar panels are less interesting. In that case, you are not allowed to claim back the full amount of the VAT.

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In principle, there is no difference between solar panels for newly built or existing buildings under the VAT refund scheme. However, you must have a separate invoice for the solar panels with your name on it. This means that the contractor cannot give you a total invoice which includes the solar panels. The VAT refund scheme is for everyone who purchases solar panels. Because you can supply electricity back to the energy supplier and are therefore a supplier yourself, you are eligible to claim this. Even as a private individual. A prerequisite is that you have a VAT number. This scheme accommodates this. A VAT number is also requested for applications from private individuals. If you fill in that you use the SME VAT Exemption scheme (KOR), you can claim back the VAT in the year in which you made the investment. Please note that this is not possible in the following three years.

How much is the VAT rebate on solar panels on newly built houses?

Your choice of integrated or non-integrated solar panels plays an important role in the amount of VAT you can claim back. As standard with both types, you have to take into account a small flat fee that is deducted from the VAT amount. The flat fee depends on the capacity of the solar panels. In the case of integrated solar panels, you can also only claim back 1/3 of the total VAT amount.

After all, you use the solar panels not only for generating electricity, but also as roofing and no VAT is allowed to be refunded on these. With non-integrated solar panels, you are allowed to deduct the entire amount of VAT, bearing in mind, of course, the flat fee that you have to deduct from this.


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