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One in 10 people who have the smart meter switched off do this because they are afraid that it will negatively affect the feed-in from solar panels. In recent years, quite a few old meters have been replaced for smart meters. This has in some cases caused consternation as some homeowners believe their energy consumption has gone up due to the smart meter and that the readings are not exactly accurate. This has been vehemently denied by network operators.

Nevertheless, the majority of homeowners are positive about a smart meter. It is expected that 4 out of 5 households will have a smart meter by next year. If you have solar panels installed, your network operator will always offer to replace your meter for a smart meter free of charge. However, you are not obliged to have your old meter replaced. To date, one in 10 occupants have refused to get a smart meter. The most important reasons for this are the fear that the measurements will be unreliable, invasion of privacy and drawbacks when it comes to feeding energy into the grid. There are some meters that are not capable of feeding energy back to the grid at all, in these cases it is, obviously, always wise to have them replaced when the solar panels are installed.

Are you unsure whether your meter is suitable for feeding energy back into the grid? If so, feel free to contact us to have it checked.