Sustainable home loan incentive scheme

You are keen to buy solar panels, but don’t want to invest your own money or currently lack the financial resources for a request. Then this doesn’t mean that you don’t stand to benefit from renewable solar energy right now. Consider an incentive loan from the province. As a matter of fact, you can take advantage of the Sustainable Home Incentive Loan (Stimuleringslening Duurzaam Thuis).


As several provinces have sustainability goals, they are currently making a special scheme available for the purchase of solar panels. The province currently pays for the entire solar panel installation for anyone who is keen to benefit from solar panels through the Sustainable Home incentive loan.

You then pay off this Sustainable Home incentive loan costs on a monthly basis for 10 to 15 years at a mere 2% interest rate. The main advantage is that your monthly savings are immediately higher than your monthly repayment via the Sustainable Home incentive loan for your solar panels.



Calculation example

You purchase 14 solar panels with a Sustainable Home incentive loan, which together generate 3,900 kWh annually. The monthly yield is 3,900 kWh / 12 months = 325 kWh. The average energy price is €0.23 per kWh. You will therefore save (325 kWh x €0.23) €74.75 each month on your energy bill.

The total cost of a system with 14 black solar panels amounts to €4,400 after the VAT refund. If you finance this at 2% interest through an application for a Sustainable Home incentive loan from the Province of Limburg, you will pay €40.49 per month for 10 years.

So, without any investment, you will make an immediate €34.26 in profit per month for the first 10 years. After paying off your Sustainable Home incentive loan from the Province of Limburg, you will make the full €74.75 in profit each month.

You can repay the incentive loan penalty-free

Penalty-free repayment

When you make use of the Sustainable Home financing from the Province, you may repay your financing penalty-free at any time. You can either lower the monthly amount or shorten the financing term when you make extra repayments.

If you would like to move house within the financing period of the Sustainable Home incentive loan, you will be able to repay the financing in one lump sum. When you sell your house, the solar panels may provide a capital gain on your house, as you will be selling a house with significantly lower monthly costs. So you can say that when you sell your home, the capital gain from the solar panels may enable you to pay off your financing, even for a request for a Sustainable Home incentive loan. Now that’s good news!

Sustainable Home incentive loan

Want to start saving?

Are you curious about how much you could potentially save each month with an application for a Sustainable Home Incentive Loan? Then we will be more than happy to make a personal calculation for you. You will not need any external websites to do this. Advice on a Sustainable Home Investment Loan application is something that we will be delighted to arrange for you.

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