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When you invest in solar panels, you naturally want them to look nice and to stay that way.

More and more birds are also discovering the advantages of solar panels in their own way. We increasingly hear about birds building nests under the solar panels. This often results in contamination of your solar panels by bird droppings and nesting material. Contamination also causes a serious reduction in airflow, whereas ventilation is so important for the functioning and lifespan of solar panels. Also, problems caused by rodents gnawing on the solar panel cables are an increasingly common problem.

Fortunately, this can be prevented with repellents from SolarGuard. This will ensure that your solar panels are always protected against any problems caused by birds and rodents. We can install a bird repellent on the day of installation, but we can also install it on an existing installation, of course.

Are you interested? Interested? Then feel free to contact  us and ask about the various options.