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The grid operators in the Netherlands are busy with the installation of thousands of kilometers of cables to expand the electricity network. This is much needed, partly due to the popularity of solar panels. Nowadays, the Netherlands is the leader in Europe when it comes to the number of panels per capita. It also has the highest percentage of solar energy in Europe. In 2022, the capacity of solar panels in Dutch provinces increased between 25 and 40 percent, according to Netbeheer Nederland, marking a “historic growth.” Why are solar panels in such high demand? This is why!

The price of solar panels has significantly decreased

Solar panels used to be accessible only to the happy few. Now, they have become much more affordable in recent years, due to numerous market developments. Production has increased, leading to a decrease in production costs. Additionally, solar panels have become increasingly efficient over the years, requiring fewer panels to generate the same amount of energy. This, too, has a positive effect on the price of solar panels.

Saving or even earning money

Thanks to the net metering scheme, solar panel owners can save a substantial amount of money on their energy bills. In some cases, they can even earn money back. Excess electricity generated by solar panels, but not used, is fed back into the grid. A similar scheme applies to businesses through the SDE+ subsidy, which supports companies producing sustainable energy. Not only does this scheme provide incentives, but it also accelerates the energy transition.

Municipalities focus on renewable energy

It’s not just rooftops that are being equipped with solar panels. An increasing number of municipalities are making land available for solar parks. These large-scale solar panel installations are placed in areas such as along highways or in fields, capable of supplying entire neighborhoods with renewable energy. Moreover, municipalities and other governmental organizations provide subsidies, making the installation of solar panels and the use of sustainable energy accessible to a wide range of households and businesses.

Heightened awareness of sustainability

Hardly a day goes by without us being exposed to news about climate or sustainability by the media. In recent years, this has contributed to a significant increase in awareness regarding sustainability. By investing in solar panels, you not only improve your own property but also contribute to a sustainable future.

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